Furniture storage

Bucher-Bitsch furniture storage – unique in Central Switzerland

There are many good reasons for temporary furniture storage:

  • You are planning to move and your new location is not yet ready to move into.
  • You leave your apartment to go abroad for a limited time and want to store all the furnishings until you return.
  • You don’t use it at the moment; nevertheless, you do not want to discard these much-loved items.

Your furniture is packed directly on-site, loaded into specially equipped containers, and stored in the Bucher-Bitsch warehouse in Baar. Your furnishings are optimally protected from temperature fluctuations, dust, mix-ups and damage thanks to storage inside air-conditioned buildings, protected by an alarm. The container system means that your furniture does not need to be unloaded or moved. In the Bucher-Bitsch warehouse your furniture is in very good hands.

  • Furniture container with a capacity of up to 1–4 rooms, from 8 m3 to a max. 33 m3

Contact / Address

Robert Bucher
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Bucher-Bitsch AGP.O. BoxCH-6302 Zug


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